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Daily creative writing prompts and criticism
Let's start with the basics:

This group is a place for writers.

This group is a place for writing.

Use your imagination :)

Daily (or as close to daily as life permits), a new creative writing prompt will be posted. Members of the group are then welcome to make a new post containing the writing that prompt inspires. Members are not required to reply to all the prompts. Members are not required to reply to any of the prompts. Members are welcome to write whatever and whenever they please, and to post anything they wish.

This group is moderated and no rude or inappropriate comments will be tolerated. We will maintain an atmosphere of acceptance of each other and of the various skill levels of our members. Before you post a criticism, be sure you're being respectful. There's a difference between giving a useful criticism that's difficult to read and being disrespectful.

We look forward to experiencing our literary journey with you. Thank you for joining.

And, of course, happy writing. :)

- The moderators