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To live in the world of creation - to get into
it - to frequent it and haunt it -
to think intensely and fruitfully - to woo
combinations and inspirations into being
by a depth and continuity of attention and
meditation - this is the only thing.

~ Henry James

A friend of mine (who should be joining this community if he ever gets his tush in gear DAVE) got me a wonderful book for my birthday, The Writer's Mentor: A Guide to Putting Passion on Paper and this is the first thing I read inside.  I wanted to share it with you all and hope it brings you some small inspiration as it did for me.  The second thing on the page was:

If you speak with passion, many of us will
listen. We need stories to live, all of us.
We live by story. Yours enlarges the circle.

~ Richard Rhodes

May the muse whisper into all of your ears, my friends

January 24 Prompt

Do we ever really leave? In my mind, leaving is so final - it marks the end of something.  However, what we have done sends ripples through the lives of those we have touched, who send ripples on to those around them, ad infinitum.  Leaving simply means we don't throw any further stones into the pond, but our impact will continue to be felt.

Looking at leaving another way, as in bequeathing a part of ourselves or our legacy to those who come after, makes much more sense to me.  I wonder how different my life would be if not for the leavings of others - it's rather mind boggling.

January 24

Write about leaving.

January 23

Write a love letter. To anyone.

January 22

Sorry for missing prompts; RL got in the way :p

In the meantime...

January 18

"It was noon and nothing is concluded." (after Donald Rawley)

January 16 & 17

Sorry for the lack of prompt yesterday, internet was out most of the day.

January 16:

Write about a bed.

January 17:

Write about a time you found out about something you weren't supposed to know.

After midnight

When I feel like writing by hand, I pick up my ring-bound notebook with thick, wide lines and an out-of-focus close up of a dandilion clock on the front. Tucked inside the back pocket is a green card that says "Kitan Tataru Aes Sedai | Accepted: 5/04/2005 | Raised to Shawl: 3/17/2006 | Thank you for being Green!" which was presented to me at my raising.

It is in this notebook that I write. And this is where I responded to the prompt, "After midnight."

Cut, for my dignity, as poetry is usually not my thingCollapse )

Public service announcement: I'm in therapy. :p

January 15

It's Saturday afternoon. You're not at home.

Music and Lyrics

How do you feel about the movie Music and Lyrics? I've seen about 3/4 of it - I have my DVR set to record the whole thing tonight - and it strikes me as, partly, a movie about the creative process. I felt my muse stir a bit after watching it. How do you feel? Have you seen it?